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Most of us can be reached at different phone numbers: personal mobile number, work mobile number, work reception number, work desk number, temporary SIM card when travelling, and more.

Free business from private

Want to keep your mobile number private? Get a second number, or one per client. With NumberBay you keep receiving calls on your mobile (1). When you call, clients see your new number as caller ID.

No more phoney calls

Are phone calls key for you? NumberBay uses your real phone, not Wi-Fi/mobile internet calls. Means you can always be reached. To call, internet is used for a second, then your real call starts.

Choose your identity

Wish to use your office phone number on the road? Add your phones in the app, and choose any number as caller ID (2). Also, NumberBay allows you to select a caller ID to use for each contact.

Wherever you go

Another desk, office, or SIM today? Adding a phone to NumberBay takes you a minute. You can use a different phone each day. Your contacts won’t notice a thing.

Simply for you

Value a service that just works? NumberBay uses only high-end suppliers. And to smooth your use of the app, it looks like standard iOS. You can chat with us in the app or send an email, and there’s a contact form below.

Download NumberBay and take control over of telephone presence.

1)  Receive calls on any of your mobile phones and landlines.
2) Choose a caller ID from your phone numbers and NumberBay numbers.


NumberBay cares about how you communicate with clients. Below cases show our service in action. Designed for independent professionals like you.


Call from your office while traveling

When traveling, you still want to be in touch with your customers. But you don't want to confuse them with an unfamiliar phone number. Or disclose that you are calling not from your company's office. 

WIth NumberBay you choose which number the person you are calling sees. So you determine if your client sees the (fixed) number of your office or the number of your iPhone. Or even an extra number you purchased from NumberBay.

This is ideal in situations where clients should always contact an office or support number and not call your mobile directly. With NumberBay you can call a customer on the road to give him or her direct support. And be sure that she or he never calls you back on your mobile number. Because your private number is not disclosed, protecting your privacy.

NumberBay allows you to call on behalf of the customer support number you want your clients to use when calling back. And you achieve that without an expensive telephone exchange. Your iPhone and our app is all you need to achieve this.



Expat keeps in touch with family and friends

If your work takes you to many countries, it can be very cost effective to use local SIM cards. But every SIM card has it's own telephone number. This makes it hard for people back home to get you on the phone easily. And possibly expensive as well, if they have to call to other continents.

From NumberBay you can buy an extra, real, mobile or fixed number in your home country. Your family and friends can call you directly via this local number. Regardless of which SIM card is in your iPhone. And against local telecom rates.

You don't have to inform any of your contacts about the number of your new SIM card. Only set up this number as new destination for incoming calls to your local NumberBay number. NumberBay allows you to take control of how you are called.

If you call abroad, you can instruct NumberBay to show your home number on the display of the person you are calling. Instead of the number of your local SIM card. In this way, your contact sees that you are calling. And if she or he wants to call you back, only your NumberBay local number is visible in their call history.

Finally, NumberBay lets you experience reliable calls with high quality sound, anywhere on the globe. A totally different experience than calling via Skype or similar services.

Independent professional supports client

There are no longer fixed phones on office desks. And getting a company mobile for every temporary assignment is not practical, Bringing your own smartphone seems the only choice at work. 

But calling your clients' customers with an unknown number might confuse them. If they use that same number to call back, they get you on the line. And not the organization they want to contact. 

Using NumberBay, an organization can allow you to use one of their numbers as the phone number shown if you call. In this way you are truly representing your client, with your own iPhone. You can easily switch this so-called CallerID if you have multiple clients. A few clicks in the NumberBay app on your own iPhone are sufficient.

If someone you called at work wants to call back, they can only use the correct number of your client. Your own phone number will never show in their display or call history. This will save you awkward phone calls. And it will give your clients' customers the phone experience they deserve.


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