What Do NumberBay Calls Cost?

Calls are charged per second against local rates, which means cheap international calls. First a call to your phone is made (the 'callback'). The cost of this call, which is also local, must be added. The app shows you the price per minute before you make a call, in your local currency. All your calls are charged per second.

How Do I Pay?

You can buy extra Credit using a regular iOS in-app purchase. Additionally your mobile bundle may be used if your mobile provider charges you for incoming calls (because your phone is called back first). Finally a tiny bit of mobile data will be used, this may cost you if you're not on Wi-Fi.

Does Credit Expire?

No, your NumberBay credit does not expire.

Can I get a refund of excess Credit?

Unfortunately that is not possible. You can buy more credit in 8 differently sized units, matching your planned use of NumberBay in the near future. The app reminds you if credit is running too low to continue calling. You can then immediately buy more credit via a standard iOS in-app purchase and continue using NumberBay.


In which countries can I get NumberBay on my iPhone?

Our app is now available worldwide, in all countries covered by the App Store.

In how many countries can I buy a second phone number?

To enhance your iPhone with an extra telephone number with reliable connections, you can choose from over 60 countries and local/fixed-line, mobile, national, and toll-free numbers. Please check the app for an up-to-date coverage overview.

How can I set up NumberBay to meet my specific needs?

Please have a look at the Examples section to find a situation that resembles yours.


Why can't I make any calls?

This is probably caused by your iPhone having no mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to reach the NumberBay server. Only a small number of bytes is required to initiate a call, so even a slow or intermittent connection will do. Please make sure mobile data (roaming) or Wi-Fi is switched on and connected or your iPhone. If that doesn't work, please send feedback via the app, the contact form on this website, or send an email to

Can I remove outdated Phone numbers?

Yes, you can safely do so via the dust bin icon in the top right corner of the Phone screen. The app prevents you from accidentally deleting a Phone that's used as the CallBack Phone (typically your iPhone number), the Default Caller ID, or as Destination for receiving incoming calls.

How can I set up NumberBay to meet my specific needs?

Please have a look at the Examples section to find a situation that resembles yours.

I'm stuck, now what?

Really sorry to hear that. Please send us detailed feedback in the app at Help > Chat With Us. You will get an answers within 2 business days in the app and/or at the email address of you entered.