Control your calls.

Make great value international calls. Choose your caller ID wherever you are, independent of the phone you use. Experience BYOD by using company phone numbers as caller ID. Enjoy the quality of your real phone, not those unreliable internet/VoIP calls.

Call your world

With NumberBay you make quality international calls. The actual price per minute is shown before each call, for example on the dialer.

To give you the best quality and reliability, the calls are made using your own phones, instead of doing it all over internet (called VoIP). A slow internet connection is only needed to start a call. After that you'll be called back on your real phone. Then, when you answer, the other person is being called.

It's confusing for your contacts when your calls come from different phones, offices, or even countries. NumberBay makes an end to this by allowing you to add as many numbers you like, and to select one as caller ID. For example, your contacts see your London office number, but you're calling using your mobile.

Actual price/minute is shown.
List of all your phones.
Choose your phone & caller ID.